Amplifon Hearing Aids

By choosing Amplifon Hearing Aids you’re choosing to be cared and looked after by qualified and experienced Audiologists. Amplifon take the time to understand your hearing health and lifestyle needs [...]

Amplifon have an exciting range of hidden hearing aids available to suit you and with UK wide locations they are closer than you think.

Why Choose Amplifon Hearing Aids ?

Amplifon hearing aids are made to be small yet deliver fantastic performance at a price point that is truly affordable.

“As a 44 year old with hearing loss i needed someone to understand my specific requirements and challenges which Amplifon are able to do really well.”

Chris Hewitt, Surrey

Amplifon’s range of hearing aids come in a variety of different styles and are designed to be as sleek and discreet as possible to help you hear everything around you.

What To Expect From Amplifon

amplifon falkirk
amplifon hearing aids
amplifon hearing aids

With over 65 years’ experience and a network of approximately 8,600 points of sale, in 22 countries, Amplifon is a global hearing health specialist. There’s probably a clinic in a town near you!
By choosing Amplifon, you will have access to the latest cutting-edge hearing technology. You’ll also be able to speak to expert Audiologists, whose knowledge, care and dedication will transform the way you hear the world around you. With more than 5,500 hearing care professionals Globally Amplifon are committed to delivering the highest quality of service and care, in order to achieve the best hearing experience for you.

With UK wide coverage, technically advanced hearing aids and years of experience you can take comfort that Amplifon offer the following;

A wide range of hearing aids to suit you

Over 200 dedicated Amplifon locations across the UK

Over 65 years of experience selling hearing aids

Take the online hearing test above and then followup with an appointment near you if you are experiencing hearing loss.

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