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Hearing test for adults

Adult hearing

Many adults are unsure if they do actually have a hearing problem. Our free online hearing test for adults takes a few minutes to complete and provides a good indication of any possible hearing problem.
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NHS Youth hearing test centre

Youth Hearing

Teenagers often ignore or do not recognise the onset of a hearing problem. Nearly all youth hearing issues can be addressed and corrected without surgical intervention if timeously detected.
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NHS Child hearing test

Child Hearing

The advantage of our free child hearing test is that the parent can perform the test on the child multiple times over a course of several days, identify if a pattern exists and take the appropriate action.
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Is the hearing test really free

Yes, the online hearing test is completely free of charge. We do not, and will not, ask you for any form of payment.

What you need to complete the test

All you need to complete the online hearing test is a good pair of headphones, or earphones, that connect to your sound enabled computer, laptop or mobile device and internet access.

How You get the test results

The result of your online hearing test is made available to as printable report online and via email immediately after you have completed the test. To receive your test result you will need to provide some personal information when performing the test.

How reliable is the free hearing test

Provided that you follow the test instructions, your online hearing test results are very reliable and adequately accurate.

What Personal Information Must I Provide

To receive your free hearing test results you will need to provide your name, post code, email address and a contact telephone number.

Will Anybody Contact Me

Should your online hearing test indicate that you may have a hearing a problem we will pass your test results and contact details to your nearest physical test centre. Depending on their expert assessment they may invite you for further testing.

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