First Time Hearing Aids

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Our recommended in the ear hearing aid for new hearing devices users is designed to fit within the ear canal discreetly whilst performing extremely well and at a price that allows you to try it for a period of time and get used to hearing aids before moving on to a better performing device which is typical as part of your hearing aid journey.

Our in-house audiology team review all the hearing aids we offer on Hearing Test and these come highly recommended for first time users requiring hearing aids. Your test results will outline where you have an anomaly with your own hearing and first time users will normally try a device and see how it works. We offer our hearing aids at a competitive prices to ensure you get on a patient pathway to improve your hearing condition and do not buy an expensive device which you end up changing during the course of the hearing journey.



An inexpensive entry level hearing aid for new users that represents excellent value for money while effortlessly delivering a worry-free listening experience. Just pop it on and forget its there. If you feel you would like to benefit from better technology still have a look at this as we highly recommend it when you have acknowledged you need to do something to improve your hearing.

The advantage of purchasing a pair of these hearing aids is the cost is not excessive and allows you to get used to an in the ear hearing aid before upgrading to another device.

We test every hearing aid we recommend and with over 25 years of expertise fitting hearing aids were confident in what we recommend.

Not sure which hearing aid to choose ? In the first instance the decision may make itself. Mini hearing aids are lower powered than the larger behind the ear options so if your hearing pattern suggests a behind the ear option you should pay attention to that.

If, however, you are a suitable candidate for either then the answer to this question lies with your expectations. It’s very important that you feel as comfortable as you can with whatever you choose and for some people comfort is about the way it looks and for others it might be about how easy it is to use.

Mini hearing aids are small and discreet. This means that for most people they are as good as invisible but it also means the battery is tiny and therefore has a short life and they are a bit “fiddly”. They are also more prone to wax related problems than the larger devices but we provide you with a cleaning brush so this should not overly impact your decision.

Remember that if you don’t want to be replacing batteries regularly then select a rechargeable hearing aid option.

Mark Ashmore, our in-house Hearing Aid Audiologist has spent the last 25 years helping thousands of people to hear better. was launched with a promise to ensure that everybody can get the information they need to decide what to do next no matter their circumstances. We make this promise because we are passionate about helping people to make the right decision for themselves and we now have access to better technology at better prices than ever before.
If you’ve taken the time and trouble to complete this hearing screen and it confirms you have an element of hearing loss you owe it to yourself and those around you to use that information to decide what to do next.

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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 5 cm

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