Hearing Tests At Home

Difficulty in getting out of the house ? no problem we can provide a detailed hearing test at home easily as the online hearing test is just for you.  Take the test online or if you need a visit by a dedicated hearing professional we can arrange that for you. Our hearing specialists near you who can provide a fully comprehensive hearing test. If you would prefer a hearing test online then click on ‘start the test’ at the top of the page.

Try our online hearing test then if required we can arrange a home visit from a dedicated hear care professional at a time that suits you. We are dedicated to making hearing better.

Did you realise it takes up to seven years to recognise you have a hearing problem ? We believe seven years is far too long which is why we developed a hearing test online to cut the anxiety of thinking you have a hearing problem to actually be able to take a hearing test online in the comfort of your own home, work or somewhere with low background noise. This then allows our hearing test software to determine if you have experienced some hearing loss in either ear. Once you complete the hearing test online you then have a hearing report available and a diagnosis. If you then decide to make an appointment with a hearing specialist near you we can help you arrange an appointment quickly and easily.

The online hearing test takes roughly 10 minutes to complete which offers a detailed hearing report. That simple.
Our standard hearing test is completely free of charge as we are passionate about ensuring hearing is made better for everyone.
Simply take the test online and see if you are experiencing hearing loss. If you aren't great! If you are then book an appointment for a hearing test near you.

What are you waiting for ? You can simply plug in your own headphones and click on the ‘start the test’ button and you will be prompted onscreen to get through each of the steps which is not rocket science and a very easy hearing test which you can complete in as little as 10 minutes.

  • A Simple Online Hearing Test.
  • Only Takes 10 Minutes To Complete.
  • A Hearing Report Offered Once Completed.
  • Book An Appointment Locally If You Need It.
  • The Latest Discounts On Hearing Aids.
  • Dedicated Phone Support For You.
  • Exclusive Hearing Aid Discounts.
  • Over 350 Hearing Centres Available To Assist You.

Do you have 10 minutes free now ? If so take the online hearing test and see how your hearing compares with our exclusive hearing test technology