We believe hearing wellness should be easily accessible to everyone and if you ever need a hearing device they should be affordable.  Our mission statement is that better hearing should be accessible & affordable to everyone across England, Scotland & Wales.
With over 30 years of Audiology experience our team designed a unique online hearing test so anyone could test their hearing in the comfort of home without the need to visit an audiologist. Our unique online hearing check enables you to purchase a personalised digital hearing aid from the comfort of your own home.

A Hearing Test In The Comfort Of Your Home.

We empower you to take control of your hearing wellness whether you have a hearing issue or simply aren’t sure if you have an issue so take our free test and get the results immediately along with recommendations of what to do about it.

It only takes 10 minutes to do and is completely free of charge.

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To help you, we have broken down our exclusive range of hearing aids into a star system based on the functionality of the aids we stock which are personalised for you from only £179. The star rating system is based on comparisons to other models in our recommended digital hearing aid range and is a quick guide to the number of features each model has to make it easier to purchase the right hearing aid for you. We have personally sourced, reviewed and tested all the hearing aids we offer to users who complete the test online and have experienced a degree of hearing loss.


Have you considered the importance of your hearing wellness ? It often gets forgotten but is more important than ever to be aware of. Our discreet services allows you to test your hearing online in the comfort of home and [...]
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Personalised Hearing Aids Couldn't Get Any Easier With Our Online Hearing Test & Range Of Hearing Aids From Only £179. Take The Test For Free & If You Have Hearing Loss We Can Help You.
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Free Hearing Tests
Take our free online hearing test now and check your hearing at a time that suits you.
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Hearing Tests Near Me
Book a hearing test near you with one of our hearing specialists.
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Hearing Tests At Home
Do you need a hearing test at home ? If you are not able to come to us then one of our hearing specialists can come to you. Try the online test and see how your hearing is now.
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Online Hearing Test
Is your hearing okay ? Take a free test online and check for yourself when you want to take it. Full hearing report available now.
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How often can you take the online test ?

You can also use our online test as a reference to your hearing wellness over a period of time which you can use to monitor your hearing curve at any point. Once you complete the test online we will email your results to you to use however you need it. We recommend you take the test each year but you can test your hearing anytime you feel you need to check it with us. If you work in a noisy environment you may want to check your hearing more frequently and we won’t charge you for taking the test online as it is always 100% free of charge.

Upon completion of your 5-minute online hearing screening, you will need to register in order to receive your FREE report. Please note this does not take the place of a comprehensive hearing examination and your results can vary depending on type of earphone, background noise, level of concentration and other factors.
Use headphones for best results as these enclose your ears work best but ear buds will work as well.

If you are experiencing issues with your hearing that seem out of character then you should visit your GP or call the NHS 111 service.

Many of you ask ‘ Can I test my hearing myself  ? ‘

Historically a test could only be carried out by a trained hearing healthcare professional. But with this free online hearing check, you can test your ability to hear from the comfort of your home. If the results suggest that you might benefit from a hearing aid, you will be recommended one from £179. You can always visit your audiologist at any time but research states it’s typically 8 years before acknowledging it. This is why we developed the test so you can take it in the comfort of your own home and if you have experienced some form of hearing loss then we will recommend a solution for you.

Why Your Hearing is So Important.

We don’t want to state the obvious here but we all experience a deterioriation of our hearing as we get older. This is not only very normal and very manageable with the right environment and hearing protection where suitable to wear it. By being aware of your hearing wellness is hugely important and applies whether you’re in your mid-20’s or early 60’s.

There are many associated conditions to hearing loss not least dementia. The John Hopkins University recently published findings that untreated mild hearing loss doubled dementia risk. This supports industry findings across the UK and globally which is why its even more important to identify hearing loss.  The earlier you acknowledge hearing loss the sooner you can do something about it. You can read the full article here

We Recommend RNID.

For more information about living with hearing loss we recommend you visit the RNID website which has a wealth of knowledge and information on living with impaired hearing.  The RNID are a registered charity making life fully inclusive for deaf people and those with hearing loss or tinnitus. The RNID connect people to practical advice and pioneer new treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus.