The Active hearing aids are true 16 channel digital hearing devices with enhanced active feedback and you can even connect your phone easily. Up to 43% cheaper than comparable high street models. Fully rechargeable, no fuss hearing aids that can adapt with your active lifestyle and with a 2 year warranty.

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The Active hearing aid is a 16 channel digital hearing device designed to fit active users of any age with the behind the ear style.

The behind the ear style allows what we believe is the best fit so if you are more active and enjoy playing golf or other non-contact sports or just have that active lifestyle to have a comfortable non-invasive and discreet hearing aid without the need to visit an audiologist to purchase one.

You also have the benefit of a hearing device that is not mounted in the ear canal which can be uncomfortable to some hearing aid wearers.  The slimline design makes them small, easy to operate with 4 preset modes and fully rechargeable with up to 16 hours usage on a single charge. Supplied as a pair.


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You can personalise the active hearing aids we sell which makes it unique to you but allows you to get that most out of it without the need to visit an audiologist. It is a simple unpack, fit and enjoy the benefits of better hearing with 4 preset modes at the press of a button so you can personalise based on your surroundings.

You can take our free hearing test online whenever you need it and its worth checking your hearing before you purchase a hearing aid from us.

We Review Your Hearing Curve Which Looks Like This:

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Once we receive your hearing test results we will review them and ensure the device will improve your hearing curve. We then despatch immediately so you receive your personal hearing aid as soon as possible.

We hold stock in the UK so product despatching is fast and you will normally receive your order within 5 days across England, Scotland or Wales.

Due to the value of hearing aids we only send orders via recorded delivery with Royal Mail or other highly rated couriers. provides a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on all hearing aids we sell. The warranty covers unlimited repairs and begins on the date that the device is purchased by the client.

Repair or Exchange of a Hearing Aid Purchased Here


At no cost to the customer, will inspect the hearing device and repair or exchange the in-warranty unit with a new or refurbished unit at our sole discretion once we recieve the product. The original warranty period remains in effect for the replacement device and you can always contact us ar if you need to discuss your device.

OUT OF WARRANTY: will inspect a hearing device and repair or replace the device with a like for like new device, at HearingTest’s sole discretion, for up to £249 per device depending on which one you purchased for up to 4 years from the original purchase. Limited will provide a 6 month repair warranty on the repaired or replaced device, beginning on the date that the replacement hearing device was delivered to the client.

Many ‘repairs’ are not repairs and wax or moisture are the issue due to a poor cleaning and drying regimen. These ‘repairs’ will be charged at £75 and will be communicated with client once our team has assessed it.

Exclusions from Warranty Repair Coverage

  • Devices purchased from unauthorised distributors (excluding Amazon) are not covered by this or any other warranty.

  • Damage from improper handling or care, exposure to chemicals, immersion in water or undue stress.

  • Damage or blockage from excessive ear wax ingress evidencing an ineffective cleaning regime

  • Damage caused by third parties or non-authorised service centres are excluded from this repair policy.

  • Faults caused by moisture build-up.

Loss or Damage During the 30-day Right to Return Period

If one or both hearing devices is/are lost or damaged beyond normal use during the 30-day right to return period, the device CANNOT be returned for a refund. Refunds are issued only if all original components are returned within the 30-day period in undamaged, clean and re-sellable condition.


Many hearing aid ‘repairs’ are not repairs and are more of a cleaning issue (or lack of). Often the hearing aid microphone or speaker filters are blocked and need to be maintained by the wearer. In these cases, we will carry out the Professional Hearing Aid Service and charge a flat rate of £75 regardless of warranty status. We will of course make you aware of the issue once we receive it. 

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