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Our Comfort hearing aids are offered as a pair and are durable 12 channel digital hearing aids with a great frequency range. Supplied as a pair with a chargeable case so you have no hassles with batteries and up to 16 hours of battery life on a single charge. You can even get 5 hours of use when you charge for just 15 minutes. Comparable hearing aids are offered elsewhere for up to £299 each and whilst these hearing aids look similar to other blue/red coloured cases they are very different inside and are supplied by a world renowned maufacturer with many years of audiology expertise.

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The Comfort hearing aids are perfect for the first time user who is showing signs of mild to moderate hearing loss but may not have accepted the requirement to do something about it. A first time user of hearing aids will take time to accept them and actively wear them and quite often your first hearing aid ends up in a drawer.
We have combined a competitively priced hearing aid with great functionality so it makes that initial phase of wearing a device more easy to accept.


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